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Energy Usage- EE Guide

The Drawing Studio provides the EE Guide, a tool for the development of deemed-to-satisfy Energy Usage
solutions according to the requirements of
SANS 10400-XA

EE Guide

Energy Usage in Buildings
Supplemental Guide to SANS 10400-XA : 2021

EE Guide - Energy Usage calculator for assisting with undertaking SANS 10400-XA D-t-S assessments.

The EE Guide is a design tool to assist with the application of the SANS 10400-XA:2021
Deemed-to-Satisfy Energy Usage requirements in the design stages of a building project and provides the opportunity to explore alternative options before committing to a final solution.

  • V.4.0 of the EE Guide allows for: 
  • Rapid determination of fenestration and calculation of shading requirements,
  • Development of Fenestration & Roof Light Schedules for inclusion in drawings (where supported), 
  •  Development of appropriate wall and roof construction solutions,  
  • Enclosed external spaces adjacent to the building envelope to be accounted for in determining total U-value of building envelope elements,
  • Hot water sizing for Heat Pumps, Solar Hot Water Systems and Gas Instant Heaters, 
  • and more...;

Version (V.4.0) of the EE Supplemental Guide is designed to explore not only Deemed-to-Satisfy options but also to allow the designer freedom to explore alternative solutions.

To purchase a copy of the EE Supplemental Guide download and complete the Purchase Order below. Once completed forward the Purchase Request to The Drawing Studio using the contact details provided in the request from.

The EE Supplemental Guide is NOT simulation software or a replacement for the applicable SANS 10400-XA standard.

The EE Supplemental Guide V.4.0 is designed to be used on a single PC only and is MS Excel 2007 and 2010 compatible. It has not been tested on Mac systems and must be considered to be incompatible with such systems.

Example reports produced using the EE Guide:    

-    EE Report

-    Fenestration Schedule

EE Guide V.4.0 - Purchase 

The cost of version 4.0 of the EE Supplemental Guide is as follows:
(Once-off with NO Annual License Fee)

1 Copy

R 950,00

2 Copies

1st Copy R950,00
2nd Copy R850,00

3 or more copies

1st copy : R950.00
2nd copy : R 850.00
3rd & each additional copy thereafter :
R 750.00